Recent Highlights

TerrAdapt.org Launches New Video

New to TerrAdapt.org? Take a look at our video developed in partnership with One Earth. It provides a brief overview of our story and ambitions that we share in celebrating World Wildlife Day - March 3rd, 2022.

This World Wildlife Day, the key word is adapt

This World Wildlife Day is March 3rd, 2022, and to help celebrate Tanya Birch, Program Manager, Forests & Nature, Google Earth & Earth Engine, has written this wonderful blog post about our TerrAdapt: Cascadia efforts and work with partners in Washington State. We are indebted to the ongoing support of the Google Earth and Earth Engine team.

Google Sustainability Grant supports new dynamic dashboards, reports

Thanks to Google and their Sustainability Grants program support, TerrAdapt: Cascadia has received funding to create new infographic dashboard and reporting functions. These new monitoring tools will help users graphically track important regional landscape trends over time and generate summary reports for custom areas of interest. We anticipate rolling out the new functions in Autumn 2022. Please contact us to learn more.