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At TerrAdapt.org, we help regional conservation partnerships achieve their goals of increasing ecological resilience for landscapes under threat from the impacts of climate change and our expanding human footprint. We work with you to co-develop mapping and reporting tools based on TerrAdapt, a cloud-based platform designed to help address the 'where' questions in large landscape conservation: where are the risks to regional networks of habitat for target species and ecosystems of concern, and where are the opportunities to implement conservation actions that help mitigate those risks.

TerrAdapt uses the powerful remote sensing and AI capabilities of Google Earth Engine to dynamically monitor habitat and connectivity, project future conditions given future climate and land-use scenarios, and prioritize areas for conservation actions to increase resilience. These outputs are automatically updated each year and can be accessed via TerrAdapt's web-based mapping and reporting tools. Integrating these capabilities into adaptive management processes provides always up-to-date, climate-smart information to guide implementation as well as monitoring and assessment capabilities to keep plans relevant over time, even in highly dynamic landscapes.

The animation below highlights the datasets produced by TerrAdapt and how they relate to the conservation of regional species and ecosystems under threat from climate change and our expanding human footprint. The animation plays from current to future time periods and follows a hypothetical shift in the range of a species or ecosystem over time, with management considerations and links to TerrAdapt data layers noted at each step.

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