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Terradapt /  American West

Dynamic monitoring and assessment in the American West

TerrAdapt and US federal agency partners are co-developing new capabilities to dynamically monitor the changing landscape of the American west, project future impacts of climate change, and prioritize the landscape for conservation of at-risk species like the pronghorn antelope.

TerrAdapt's Work in the American West

TerrAdapt is working with a US Forest Service led partnership of federal and state agencies and NGO's to provide new science, data, and tools to inform adaptive management and conservation of wide-ranging species across the American west. Work on the first species, pronghorn antelope, is already underway. TerrAdapt's role in this project is to co-produce a dynamic monitoring and assessment system that will track shifting patterns of habitat and connectivity across the pronghorn range in all western states. Every year, the system will automatically update the monitoring data based on the latest satellite imagery and other datasets. This system will also provide future projections of pronghorn habitat and climatic refugia under various future climate scenarios. The project, due to be completed in 2025, will provide unprecedented situational awareness of the changing environment for this species of concern, helping managers identify emerging threats and opportunities and prioritize places to take action to increase resiliency for this iconic species of the American west.