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Our History

Early development of TerrAdapt began in 2018 as a collaboration among members of the Cascadia Partner Forum (CPF) and the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group. Our first regional implementation of TerrAdapt was initially designed to address large landscape conservation planning initiatives being facilitated by the CPF in the Cascadia region of Washington and southern British Columbia. Since then, TerrAdapt has partnered with many additional conservation initiatives, federal agencies, state and provincial governments, First Nations and Tribes, and conservation NGO's in Cascadia and beyond to greatly expand the scope and impact our work. In 2022, we founded our nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to bring together TerrAdapt developers and more effectively manage and grow our impact and achieve our mission. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with partners to improve their situational awareness of the changing regional environment, helping them to more clearly track emerging threats and opportunities, communicate the need for action, and strategically implement measures that ultimately foster resiliency in our coupled natural and human systems.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the stewards of our lands and waters with powerful new capabilities to monitor and assess regional landscapes over time, project future risks and opportunities, and prioritize local areas for implementation. Through lasting partnerships, we seek to co-develop cutting-edge tools that use the latest remote sensing and cloud computing technologies to offer unprecedented situational awareness and storytelling capabilities, enabling novel adaptive management and communications strategies that conserve functioning and resilient ecosystems even in our modern era of rapid environmental change.